Gaye Lynn Gostisha have over 27 years
experience in the salon industry ranging from
hair and make up services in salons, for
photographers, production for commercials and
magazines and on T.V. including owning a salon
in the Houston area for 7 years.

Gaye Lynn specializes in all types of hair and
most importantly, she shares the passion and a
meticulous approach for creating great looking
hair. Staying educated is important to her in all
aspects of her career.
Whether your making a life time commitment or
just going to a party, Gaye Lynn will create a
look just for you that is nothing short of
stunning. Let her take care of you on your
special day and make your day a success. She
has offered personalized service and beautiful
results to brides for over 27 years and still enjoys
watching peoples faces when they enter a room.
512-423-0224 cell phone
About Gaye Lynn